Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unique, Colorful Arrows- Earrings by niceLena- Pick your color



In stock



***Due spring colorsto spring colorsCovid-19 spring colorsStay spring colorsIn spring colorsPlace spring colorsin spring colorsour spring colorscity, spring colorsall spring colorsorders spring colorswill spring colorsbe spring colorsshipped spring colorsout spring colorsafter spring colorsApril spring colors8th. spring colors spring colorsThank spring colorsyou spring colorsand spring colorsstay spring colorshealthy! spring colorsxoAdorable, spring colorssummery spring colorsearrings spring colorsfor spring colorsyou spring colorsby spring colorsme, spring colorsniceLena. spring colors\rBeaded, spring colorson spring colorsbrass spring colorschains spring colorsand spring colorsgold spring colorsplated spring colorsear spring colorswire.\rhangs spring colors2.5"\r\r**Please spring colorsinclude spring colorsyour spring colorscolor spring colorsat spring colorscheckout spring colors\r**comes spring colorsin: spring colorsyellow, spring colorsorange, spring colorsturquoise, spring colorsgreen

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