Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

SALE Aquarius Zodiac Necklaceconstellation sign, Constellationconstellation sign, Vintage Zodiacconstellation sign, Small Necklaceconstellation sign, Gift for Herconstellation sign, Astrology Necklaceconstellation sign, AQUARIUS



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Hello star necklaceAquarius! star necklaceA star necklacebeautiful star necklaceenamel, star necklacevintage star necklaceAquarius star necklacependant, star necklacemeasuring star necklaceabout star necklace1.5" star necklacehangs star necklacefrom star necklacea star necklacedelicate star necklacebrass star necklacechain. star necklaceLength star necklaceof star necklacechain star necklaceapprox. star necklace16" star necklaceLobster star necklaceclasp.

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