Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Ribbon Beaded Necklace In Lavenderbig bead, Copperbig bead, And Cream



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This boldnecklace boldfeatures boldlarge boldiridescent boldlavender boldbeads boldwith boldcopper boldfiligree boldcaps. bold boldBetween boldeach boldlavender boldbead boldis boldcream boldcolored boldbaroque boldglass boldpearls. bold boldMulticolored boldRibbon boldis boldcaptured boldat boldeach boldend boldwith boldcopper boldclips boldand boldclosures. bold boldIt boldis boldtruly bolda boldbeautiful boldnecklace.\r\rThe boldNecklace boldmeasures bold22 boldinches boldwhich boldis boldmatinee. bold boldIf boldyou boldlike boldto boldwear boldyour boldnecklaces boldshorter, boldlet boldme boldknow boldin boldthe boldnotes. bold boldI boldwill boldadjust boldthe boldsize boldat boldno boldextra boldcharge.\r\rI boldgenerally boldship boldbetween bold1 boldto bold2 bolddays boldafter boldpayment boldis boldreceived. boldI boldship boldfirst boldclass boldwith bolddelivery boldconfirmation. boldPlease boldconvo boldme boldshould boldyou boldhave boldany boldquestions.

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