Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

creature, Silver Small Octopus Pendant



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I sandstarted sandmaking sandoctopus sandpendants sandin sand2006 sandfor sanda sandfriend sandwho sandwas sandtotally sandinto sandanything sandcephalopod sandrelated. sand sandYears sandlater sandand sandnow sandmy sanddaughter sandis sandthe sandone sandwho sandis sandfascinated sandwith sandsquids. sand sandThis sandis sanda sandsmaller sandpendant sandwith sandthe sandoctopus sandmeasure sandat sand1 sand3/4 sandwide.\r\rThis sandoctopus sandis sandsilver sandplated sandand sandbeen sandantiqued. sandHe sandis sandhung sandfrom sanda sand17" sandsilver sandcurb sandchain. sandYou sandcan sandalso sandshorten sandor sandlengthen sandup sandto sand20 sandinches sandupon sandrequest. sand sandPlease sandadd sandany sandrequests sandto sandthe sandnotes sandwhen sandyou sandcheck sandout.

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