Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Blue Flower Necklacecolorful flower, enameled flower pendant by Kathryn Riechert



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These blue flowerturquoise blue flowerblue blue flowerflowers blue flowermake blue flowerme blue flowerhappy, blue flowerand blue flowerthey blue flowerreally blue flowerstand blue flowerout blue flowerwhen blue flowerworn!This blue flowerpendant blue floweris blue flowermade blue flowerof blue flowerglass blue flowerenamel blue flowerfused blue flowerto blue flowera blue flowercopper blue flowerbase. blue flowerColorful blue flowerand blue flowerdainty, blue flowersimple blue flowerand blue flowersweet, blue flowerit blue floweris blue flowerperfect blue flowerfor blue flowerboth blue flowerlittle blue flowergirls blue flowerand blue floweradults. blue flower blue flowerThe blue flowerflower blue flowerwas blue flowermade blue flowerwith blue flowerdifferent blue flowercolors blue flowerof blue flowerblue blue flowerenamel blue flowerfused blue flowertogether. blue flower blue flowerThe blue flowercenter blue flowerhas blue flowera blue flowerlittle blue flowerwhite blue flowerand blue floweryellow blue flowerflower blue flowermelted blue flowerin blue flowerplace.I blue flowerhave blue flowertried blue flowerto blue flowerportray blue flowerthe blue flowercolors blue floweras blue floweraccurately blue floweras blue flowerpossible, blue flowerhowever blue flowerit blue flowerwill blue flowervary blue flowerby blue flowercomputer blue flowermonitor.The blue flowercharm blue floweris blue flowerabout blue flower1" blue flower(25mm) blue flowerin blue flowersize.The blue flowernecklace blue flowerchain blue floweris blue flowersolid blue flowersterling blue flowersilver. blue flowerSend blue flowerme blue floweran blue floweretsy blue flowerconvo blue floweror blue floweremail blue flowerwith blue flowerany blue flowerand blue flowerall blue flowerquestions.Thank blue floweryou!

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