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Blue And Silver Wave Striped Mushroom Pendantombre, Handmade



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The blue mushroomblue blue mushroomwave blue mushroompolymer blue mushroomclay blue mushroommushroom blue mushroompendant blue mushroomlooks blue mushroomheavier blue mushroomthan blue mushroomit blue mushroomis blue mushroomand blue mushroomshines blue mushroomlike blue mushroomglass. blue mushroomThis blue mushroomartistic blue mushroommushroom blue mushroomwas blue mushroommolded blue mushroomby blue mushroommy blue mushroomhands blue mushroomand blue mushroomfeatures blue mushrooman blue mushroomeye blue mushroomcatching blue mushroomombre blue mushroomband blue mushroomof blue mushroomblue blue mushroomand blue mushroomsilver blue mushroomstripes blue mushroomacross blue mushroomits blue mushroomcap. blue mushroomHang blue mushroomit blue mushroomfrom blue mushrooma blue mushroomchain blue mushroomor blue mushroomcord blue mushroomof blue mushroomyour blue mushroomchoice, blue mushroomor blue mushroomgo blue mushroomall blue mushroomout blue mushroomand blue mushroomtrim blue mushroomit blue mushroomwith blue mushroombeads. blue mushroomIt blue mushroommakes blue mushrooma blue mushroomgreat blue mushroomgift blue mushroomfor blue mushrooma blue mushroomfriend. blue mushroomThe blue mushroomwidest blue mushroompart blue mushroomof blue mushroomthe blue mushroomcap blue mushroomis blue mushroomapproximately blue mushroom1.5 blue mushroominches blue mushroomacross. blue mushroomThe blue mushroomeye blue mushroompin blue mushroombail blue mushroomis blue mushroomsecured blue mushroomwith blue mushroomE6000.

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