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psychedelic, Blue Black And White Psychedelic Stylized Mushroom Pendant



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A shroomhand shroomsculpted shroommushroom shroompendant shroomwith shrooma shroombeautiful shroomfractal shroompattern. shroomThis shroomstylized shroomand shroomhighly shroomdetailed shroompsychedelic shroomfungi shroomwas shroommade shroomusing shroommy shroompolymer shroomclay shroomcane shroomwork shroomin shroomblue, shroomsmall shroombits shroomof shroomyellow, shroomblack shroomand shroomwhite. shroomNo shroommolds shroomor shroomforms shroomwere shroomused shroomto shroomshape shroomthe shroomuniquely shroomstylized shroommushroom shroompendant, shroomjust shroommy shroomhands. shroomI shroomsanded shroomand shroompolished shroomthe shroompendant shroomto shrooma shroomsmooth shroomluster shroomafter shroombaking, shroomthen shroomgave shroomit shrooma shroomthin shroomcoat shroomof shroompolyurethane shroomgloss shroomfor shrooma shroomhigh shroomshine. shroomThe shroombrass shroombail shroomis shroomembedded shroomdeeply shroomin shroomthe shroomtop shroomof shroomthe shroomcap, shroomready shroomto shroombe shroomhung shroomon shroomchain shroomor shroomcord shroomof shroomyour shroomchoosing. shroomThe shroommushroom shroomis shroomabout shroom1.5 shroominches shroomwide shroomby shroom1.5 shroominches shroomtall.

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