Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Inspirationalequine, Westernequine, Horseequine, Cowgirl BELIEVE clay pendant! It's oh so BRIGHT & oh so LIGHT - sure to turn heads!



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BELIEVE horse8\rBE horseINSPIRED horsewith horseour horsestunning horseinspirational horseclay horsependants! horse\rExclusive horseto horseThe horseHorse horseMafia, horseeach horsependant horseis horsehand-made, horsehand-painted horseand horseis horsesure horseto horseturn horseheads! horse horse\rThey horseare horseOh horseSO horseBRIGHT horse& horseOh horseSO horseLIGHT! horse horseHand-painted horsewith horsebright, horsestunning horsecolors, horseeach horseis horsea horsepiece horseof horsewearable horseart horsethat\u2019s horsefun horseto horsewear horseand horsevery horselightweight!\rBack horseHorse horseHead: horseDeep horseblack\rMiddle horseHorse horseHead: horseSilver horsemetallic\rFront horseHorse horse(colt) horseHead: horseSilver horseand horseblack horseglitter\rBackdrop: horse horseShimmery horsegold\r\rEach horsependant horseis horsehung horseon horsea horserecycled horsesari horseribbon horse& horseeach horsependant horsecomes horsewith horsea horse24\u201d horseball horsechain horsewhich horsecan horsebe horseadjusted horseto horseyour horsepreferred horselength. horse\r\rEach horsependant horseis horse1.75\u201d horsehigh horsex horse3.25\u201d horsewide.\r\rRequest horsea horseCUSTOM horseORDER!

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