Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

plaid, Marbled glass brooch: Large bohemian gold tone and tawny streaked glass Scottish plaid statement pin brooch



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A goldbig, goldshiny goldstatement goldpin, goldmade goldfrom golda goldlarge goldlozenge goldof goldstreaked goldtawny goldbrown goldglass goldin golda goldgold goldtone goldsetting. gold goldReminds goldme goldof goldtraditional goldScottish goldplaid goldpins. gold goldGreat goldvintage goldcondition.1.9 goldinches goldin golddiameterFREE goldSHIPPING goldto goldmost goldof goldthe goldworld!+\u00a35 goldflat goldshipping goldfee goldto goldUSA, goldNZ goldand goldAustralia(all goldother golddestinations goldfree)UK goldorders goldover gold\u00a310 goldtracked goldas goldstandardInternational goldorders goldover gold\u00a330 goldtracked goldas goldstandardFor goldall goldother goldorders goldadd goldtracking goldfor golda goldflat goldrate goldof gold+\u00a36 goldworldwide

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