Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Mini City Skyscraper Skyline Buildings Pendant Necklaceartistic pendant, Hand Crafted



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A artistic pendanthand artistic pendantcrafted artistic pendantpendant artistic pendantnecklace artistic pendantwith artistic pendanta artistic pendantmini artistic pendantpink artistic pendantand artistic pendantpurple artistic pendantcity artistic pendantskyline artistic pendantis artistic pendantrendered artistic pendantin artistic pendantpolymer artistic pendantclay. artistic pendantTiny artistic pendantskyscraper artistic pendantbuildings artistic pendantwith artistic pendantabstract artistic pendantpatterns artistic pendantof artistic pendantpink, artistic pendantpurple, artistic pendantand artistic pendantmagenta artistic pendantare artistic pendantset artistic pendantagainst artistic pendanta artistic pendantdark artistic pendantblue artistic pendantbackground. artistic pendantA artistic pendanttiny, artistic pendantsculpted artistic pendantcrescent artistic pendantmoon artistic pendanthangs artistic pendantin artistic pendantthe artistic pendantstarry artistic pendantnight artistic pendantsky.The artistic pendantsquarish artistic pendantpendant artistic pendantmeasures artistic pendantslightly artistic pendantover artistic pendantone artistic pendantinch artistic pendanttall artistic pendantby artistic pendant1 artistic pendant1/3 artistic pendantinches artistic pendantwide. artistic pendantI artistic pendantused artistic pendantnavy artistic pendantblue artistic pendantpolymer artistic pendantclay artistic pendantwith artistic pendantflecks artistic pendantof artistic pendantsilver artistic pendantmica artistic pendantin artistic pendantit artistic pendantto artistic pendantcreate artistic pendantthe artistic pendantnight artistic pendantsky. artistic pendantThe artistic pendantbuildings artistic pendantare artistic pendantmade artistic pendantfrom artistic pendantpieces artistic pendantof artistic pendantmy artistic pendantpolymer artistic pendantclay artistic pendantcane artistic pendantwork artistic pendantof artistic pendantthe artistic pendantsame artistic pendantcolors. artistic pendantA artistic pendantbail artistic pendantis artistic pendantsecured artistic pendantto artistic pendantthe artistic pendantback artistic pendantof artistic pendantthe artistic pendantpendant artistic pendantwith artistic pendantE6000.I artistic pendantformed artistic pendanta artistic pendantsimple artistic pendantnecklace artistic pendantwith artistic pendantthis artistic pendantpendant, artistic pendantusing artistic pendantoff-white artistic pendantcotton artistic pendantcord, artistic pendantglass artistic pendantand artistic pendantwood artistic pendantbeads. artistic pendantThe artistic pendantnecklace artistic pendantis artistic pendantadjustable, artistic pendantstarting artistic pendantat artistic pendant16 artistic pendantinches, artistic pendantand artistic pendantextending artistic pendantup artistic pendantto artistic pendant20 artistic pendantinches. artistic pendantIt artistic pendantfastens artistic pendantwith artistic pendanta artistic pendantsilver artistic pendantplated artistic pendantlobster artistic pendantclaw artistic pendantclasp.

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