Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, fused dichroic glass layered with 23 kt gold butterfly



In stock



fused jewelrydichroic jewelryglass jewelrylayered jewelrywith jewelry23 jewelrykt jewelrygold jewelrybutterfly\rThe jewelryvarious jewelrydichroic jewelrycolors jewelryand jewelrypatterns jewelrycreate jewelrya jewelrycolorful jewelryfield jewelryfor jewelrythis jewelry22kt jewelrybutterfly jewelryto jewelryrest jewelryupon. jewelryThis jewelrypendant jewelrymeasures jewelry1 jewelry1/4" jewelryx jewelry1 jewelry5/8" jewelryincluding jewelrythe jewelryglued jewelryon jewelrysilver jewelryplated jewelrybail.\rMagnetic jewelrycables jewelryare jewelryavailable jewelryfor jewelryan jewelryadditional jewelry$5.\rAll jewelryitems jewelryare jewelrylovingly jewelryhandcrafted jewelryin jewelrymy jewelryhome jewelrystudio jewelryto jewelryprovide jewelryyou jewelrywith jewelrya jewelryquality jewelrypiece jewelryof jewelrywerable jewelryart jewelryto jewelry jewelrytreasure jewelryforever.

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