Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

designer, Unsigned MIRIAM HASKELL Pin / Beautiful BLUE Glass Beads / Vintage 1930's Brooch



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Vintage 1940s1930s 1940sbrooch 1940sis 1940sstunning 1940swith 1940scobalt 1940sblue 1940scolored 1940sglass 1940sbeads 1940swhich 1940sdangle 1940sfrom 1940schains 1940sin 1940sthe 1940scenter 1940sof 1940sthe 1940sflower. 1940sIt 1940sis 1940sunsigned 1940sbut 1940shas 1940sall 1940sthe 1940sear 1940smarks 1940sof 1940sunsigned 1940spre 1940sWorld 1940sWar 1940sII 1940sHaskell. 1940sThis 1940santique 1940svintage 1940s3 1940sdimensional, 1940sflower 1940spetal 1940sbrooch 1940shas 1940sboth 1940sArt 1940sDeco 1940sand 1940sNouveau 1940sdesigns 1940sin 1940santiqued 1940ssilver 1940swith 1940sa 1940stextured 1940sfinish.Its 1940sin 1940sgreat 1940svintage 1940scondition, 1940swith 1940sa 1940stiny 1940stiny 1940sminute 1940sflake 1940sat 1940sthe 1940stop 1940sof 1940sone 1940sbead; 1940sit 1940slooks 1940slike 1940sit 1940sis 1940sfrom 1940sin 1940sthe 1940smaking.Measurements:3 1940s1/4 1940sinches 1940sin 1940slength2 1940s3/8 1940sinches 1940sin 1940swidth7/8 1940sinches 1940sin 1940sheightcobalt 1940sblue 1940sribbed 1940sbeads 1940s15 1940smm. 1940sA 1940swonderful 1940spin 1940sthat 1940scan 1940sbe 1940sworn 1940son 1940sa 1940scoat 1940slapel 1940sor 1940sthe 1940scenter 1940sof 1940sa 1940sdaring 1940sneckline. 1940sThe 1940sclasp 1940sworks 1940sgreat. 1940sA 1940sunique 1940sdesigner 1940spiece.

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