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Paw Print Earrings-Choice of Color- Button Stud or Leverback Earrings - 12mm Stud Earringsanimal print, Pet Lover Earringsanimal print, Paw Print Earringsanimal print, Doganimal print, Cat



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These dogspaw dogsprint dogsearrings dogsare dogsso dogsmuch dogsfun. dogs dogsYou dogshave dogsyour dogschoice dogsof dogsbutton dogsstuds dogsor dogsleverback dogsdangles. dogsYou dogsalso dogshave dogsyour dogschoice dogsof dogs6 dogscolors:BlueRedPurpleYellowGreenOrangeThe dogsglass dogscabochons dogsare dogs12mm dogsand dogsthey dogsare dogsset dogsin dogsshiny dogssilver. dogs dogsThey dogsare dogssuper dogscute dogsand dogssimple.The dogsphotos dogsare dogsa dogsrepresentation dogsof dogsthe dogsearrings dogsyou dogswill dogsreceive. dogs dogsColors dogsmay dogsbe dogsslightly dogsdifferent dogsdepending dogson dogsyour dogscomputer.All dogsmy dogsimages dogsare dogsprinted dogson dogsquality dogsmatte dogsphoto dogspaper dogswith dogsarchival dogsinks. dogsThe dogscolors dogswill dogsnot dogsfadeThe dogsback dogsof dogsthe dogsglass dogsin dogsthe dogsearrings dogshave dogsbeen dogssealed dogswith dogsa dogsclear dogsacrylic dogsgloss dogsfor dogsprotection dogs- dogshowever, dogsthey dogsare dogsnot dogscompletely dogswaterproof, dogsso dogsI dogswould dogsnot dogssuggest dogsbathing dogsor dogsswimming dogswhile dogswearing dogsyour dogsearrings.Most dogsof dogsmy dogsitems dogsare dogsmade dogsto dogsorder, dogsso dogsplease dogsallow dogs1-3 dogsdays dogsfor dogsprocessing.Items dogswill dogsbe dogssent dogsin dogsa dogsgift dogsbox dogsand dogswill dogsbe dogsshipped dogsin dogsa dogspadded dogsenvelope dogsfor dogssafety.Please dogscontact dogsme dogswith dogsany dogsquestions, dogsor dogsif dogsyou dogswould dogslike dogsto dogsorder dogsmy dogsitems dogswholesale.Thank dogsyou.

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