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STERLING Silver Vintage 1960's / 1970's Inlay TURQUOISE and Coral OWL Ringcoral turquoise ring, size 5



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A turquoise owlgreat turquoise owllittle turquoise owlowl turquoise owlring turquoise owlwith turquoise owlgenuine turquoise owlturquoise turquoise owland turquoise owlcoral turquoise owlstone turquoise owlchips turquoise owlinlayed turquoise owlin turquoise owlthe turquoise owlfront. turquoise owlIt turquoise owlappears turquoise owlto turquoise owlbe turquoise owlsterling turquoise owlsilver turquoise owlbut turquoise owlthere turquoise owlare turquoise owlno turquoise owlmarks turquoise owlinside. turquoise owlMeasures turquoise owl1 turquoise owl1/8" turquoise owlx turquoise owl1/2" turquoise owlApproximate turquoise owlsize turquoise owl5.Like turquoise owlthis turquoise owlitem turquoise owland turquoise owllooking turquoise owlfor turquoise owlmore turquoise owllike turquoise owlit? turquoise owlPlease turquoise owlcheck turquoise owlout turquoise owlour turquoise owlpages turquoise owland turquoise owlpages turquoise owlof turquoise owlvintage turquoise owlhere turquoise owlat turquoise owlhttp://www./shop/IncogneetovintageAre turquoise owlyou turquoise owla turquoise owldealer turquoise owland turquoise owlwant turquoise owlto turquoise owlbuy turquoise owlin turquoise owlquantity? turquoise owlCheck turquoise owlout turquoise owlour turquoise owlnew turquoise owlstore turquoise owlon turquoise owletsy turquoise owlfor turquoise owlwholesale turquoise owlvintage turquoise owlpurchasing:http://www./shop/truevintagewholesale

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