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Kokopelli Jewelryunisex jewelry, Southwestern Pendant or Necklaceunisex jewelry, Native American Sacred Figure



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A native americanunique native americankokopelli native americanpendant native american(optional native americannecklace) native americanfeatures native americana native americankokopelli native americanfigure native americanstamped native americanin native americanblack native americanink native americanon native americana native americangold native americanpolymer native americanclay native americanbackground, native americantextured native americanto native americanlook native americanlike native americanan native americanancient native americanrock native americanwall. native americanSealed native americanwith native americanacrylic native americangloss native americanwith native americantiny native americansparkles. native americanMeasures native americanapproximately native american1 native american3/4" native americantall native americanx native american1" native americanwide native american(4.4 native americancm native americanx native american2.5 native americancm) native americanplus native americana native americanlarge native americansilver native americanplated native americanaanraku native americanbail. native americanHANDMADE native americanTO native americanORDER: native americanEach native americanone native americanwill native americanvary native americanslightly native americanfrom native americanthe native americansamples native americanshown.OPTIONAL: native americanadd native americana native americanpretty native americanshiny native americansilver native americanplated native american18 native americaninch native americanOR native american24 native americaninch native americanvintage native americanstyle native americanchain, native americanwith native americanoval native americanloops native americanapproximately native american3mm native americanx native american4mm native americanand native americana native americanlobster native americanclasp native americanclosure.WHAT native americanIS native americanKOKOPELLI?A native americanfertility native americangod, native americanprankster, native americanhealer native americanand native americanstory native americanteller, native americanKokopelli native americanis native americana native americansacred native americanfigure native americanto native americanmany native americanSouthwestern native americanNative native americanAmericans. native americanCarvings native americanof native americanthis native americanhunch-backed native americanflute-playing native americanfigure native americanhave native americanbeen native americanfound native americanpainted native americanand native americancarved native americaninto native americanrock native americanwalls native americanand native americanboulders native americanthroughout native americanthe native americanSouthwest, native americandating native americanback native americanto native americanthe native americanfirst native americanpetroglyphs native americansome native american3000 native americanyears native americanago.CUSTOM native americanORDERS native native americanmay native americanrequest native americanany native americanlight native americancolored native americanbackground native americanfinished native americanas native americana native americanpendant, native americanpin native american(brooch) native americanor native americanmagnet.More native americankokopelli native americandesigns native americanhere...http://www./shop/ArtsyClay?section_id=5798653\u2605 native american\u2605 native american\u2605 native american\u2605 native american\u2605 native american\u2605 native american\u2605 native american\u2605\u2605 native american\u2605 native american\u2605Add native americana native americanbit native americanof native americanwhimsy native americanto native americanyour native americanlifehttp://artsyclay.\u2605 native american\u2605 native american\u2605 native american\u2605 native american\u2605 native american\u2605 native american\u2605 native american\u2605 native american\u2605 native american\u2605 native american\u2605 native american\u2605\u00a9 native americanArtsy native americanClay native american2020\u2665 native americanHandcrafted native americanwith native americanlove native americanand native americancare native americanby native americanJudy. native american\u2665

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