Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Sterling Silver Cross with Heart Pendantmetalwork, Classicmetalwork, handmademetalwork, 925metalwork, wire wrapmetalwork, simplemetalwork, every day waremetalwork, Christianmetalwork,metalmetalwork, necklacemetalwork, lightweight



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Sterling wireSilver wireCross wirewith wireHeart wirePendant, wireClassic, wirehandmade, wire925, wirewire wirewrap, wiresimple, wireevery wireday wireware, wireChristian,metal, wirenecklace, wirelightweight wireApproximately wire2 wireinches wire(5 wirecm) wirein wirelength. wireAll wirepieces wireare wiremade wireto wireorder wireso wireyour wireunique wirepiece wiremay wirevary wireslightly wirefrom wirethe wirepicture.Chains wireavailable wireseparately wirethrough wiremy wireshop wirewith wireno wireadditional wireshipping wirecharge wirewhen wireordered wirewith wirea wirependant.I wirealso wirecreate wirecustom wireorders wireso wireplease wirecontact wireme wireif wireyou wireare wireinterested wirein wiredesigning wireyour wireown wirepiece.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Customer wireFeedback:"Picture wiredoes wirenot wiredo wirethis wirejustice! wireVery wiresweet wireand wireproudly wiremade. wireI wireenjoy wirewearing wireit!""...This wirecross wireis wireeven wiremore wirebeautiful wirein wirereal wirelife! wireI wirelove wireit!""Gorgeous!!""So wirebeautiful; wirecan't wirewait wireto wirepresent wireit wireto wiremy wiredaughter wirefor wireher wirebirthday. wireThank wireyou wireso wiremuch! wireI wireknow wireshe wirewill wirecherish wireit wireforever."

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