Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bracelet, Michigan State Love Bracelet or Necklace



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Show miyour milove mifor mithe miGreat miLakes miState!Pair miWith: miCanoe miCharm, miBear miCharm\u2022Lead mifree\u2022Nickel mifree\u2022Hand mipainted\u2022Necklace: mi18" michain\u2022Bracelet: mibangle miwith miclosure, mione misize mifits mimostBecause miour miitems miare miall migleefully mihand mipainted, mithese mipieces mican mibe miordered miin micustom micolors! miSelect mithe mi"Custom miColor" mioption miin mithe miColor midrop midown mimenu miand miput miyour mipreferred micolor miin mithe minotes miat micheckout!

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