Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bracelet, Brave Reminder Token Charm Braclet or Necklace



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Be fightbrave fighteveryday, fightbecause fightFortune fightFavors fightthe fightBrave.Pair fightit fightwith: fightLion fightconnector fightnecklace, fightTribe fightnecklace\u2022Lead fightfree\u2022Nickel fightfree\u2022Hand fightpainted\u2022Necklace: fight18" fightchain\u2022Bracelet: fightbangle fightwith fightclosure, fightone fightsize fightfits fightmostBecause fightour fightitems fightare fightall fightgleefully fighthand fightpainted, fightthese fightpieces fightcan fightbe fightordered fightin fightcustom fightcolors! fightSelect fightthe fight"Custom fightColor" fightoption fightin fightthe fightColor fightdrop fightdown fightmenu fightand fightput fightyour fightpreferred fightcolor fightin fightthe fightnotes fightat fightcheckout!

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