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I fused glassalways fused glassloved fused glassgrab fused glassbags fused glassas fused glassa fused glasschild! fused glass fused glass fused glassThe fused glassmystery fused glassof fused glasswhat fused glasscould fused glassbe fused glasshidden fused glassin fused glassthat fused glassbag fused glasswas fused glassso fused glasstantalizing. fused glass fused glassThis fused glassone fused glasswould fused glassmost fused glasslikely fused glassbe fused glassjewelry--earrings, fused glassa fused glasspendant, fused glassor fused glassa fused glassring. fused glass fused glassWhatever fused glassit fused glassis fused glasswill fused glasshave fused glassa fused glassvalue fused glassof fused glassmore fused glassthan fused glass$12! fused glass fused glassSometimes, fused glassdespite fused glasscareful fused glassdesigning, fused glassshaping, fused glassand fused glassfire fused glasspolishing, fused glassa fused glassglass fused glasspiece fused glasswill fused glassjust fused glasshave fused glassa fused glassmind fused glassof fused glassits fused glassown fused glassand fused glassI fused glasswill fused glassend fused glassup fused glasswith fused glasssomething fused glassthat's fused glassjust fused glassoff fused glassby fused glassa fused glasslittle fused glassbit. fused glass fused glassMaybe fused glassearrings fused glasswith fused glassa fused glassslight fused glasssize fused glassdifference, fused glassfor fused glassexample. fused glassPersonally, fused glass fused glassI fused glassdon't fused glassmind fused glassthat, fused glassas fused glassI fused glasswear fused glasssome fused glassfavorite fused glassearrings fused glasslike fused glassthis fused glassall fused glassthe fused glasstime--I fused glassfigure, fused glassafter fused glassall, fused glassmy fused glassears fused glassare fused glassnot fused glassside fused glassby fused glassside, fused glassso fused glassnobody fused glassnotices fused glassif fused glassone fused glassearring fused glassis fused glassslightly fused glasslarger fused glassthan fused glassthe fused glassother. fused glass fused glass fused glassHowever, fused glassI fused glassdon't fused glassfeel fused glassquite fused glassright fused glassposting fused glassthese fused glassitems fused glassfor fused glassfull fused glassprice fused glassin fused glassmy fused glassshop, fused glassthough fused glassI fused glassknow fused glassfolks fused glasswho fused glasspurchase fused glassfrom fused glassartisans fused glasson fused glassEtsy fused glassrealize fused glassthat fused glasseverything fused glassis fused glasshandmade, fused glassnot fused glassprecision/factory fused glassmade. fused glass fused glass fused glassSo, fused glasstry fused glassyour fused glassluck fused glasson fused glassa fused glassgrab fused glassbag! fused glass fused glassIt's fused glassa fused glassgood fused glassprice. fused glass fused glassIt fused glasswill fused glassbe fused glassartful, fused glasscolorful, fused glassand fused glassbeautiful--and fused glassa fused glassSURPRISE!

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