Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, Vintage Rose Cameo Mirror Pendant double sided



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This retrogorgeous retrovintage retropendant retrois retrogoldtoned retrowith retroa retrolarge retroblack retrobase retrowith retroa retroprong retroset retropeachy retropink retrorose retro... retroFramed retromirror retroon retroback retro... retroSigned retroAvon retro... retroVery retronice retrocondition retrowith retronormal retrovintage retrowearMeasures retroapprox. retro2-1/2" retrox retro1-3/4"If retroyou retrohave retroany retroquestions, retroetc., retroPlease retrodon't retrohesitate retroto retrocontact retrome.Thanks retrofor retrostopping retroby retroand retrohave retroa retroblessed retroday, retroRobin retro:)

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