Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dainty necklace, Mini spider gold necklace (16") with matching pouch



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I gold spiderlove gold spidertiny, gold spidernovelty gold spiderpendants gold spideras gold spidernecklaces gold spideras gold spiderthey gold spiderhave gold spidera gold spider'fine gold spiderjewellery' gold spideraesthetic, gold spiderwhich gold spiderI gold spiderlove, gold spiderbut gold spiderstill gold spidersweet gold spiderand gold spidersimple.The gold spiderpendant gold spideris gold spidera gold spidertiny gold spiderspider gold spiderin gold spidera gold spidergold gold spidertone gold spiderfinish. gold spiderIt gold spidermeasures gold spiderapprox gold spider20mm/0.78" gold spiderin gold spiderdiameter.The gold spider16" gold spidernecklace gold spideralso gold spidercomes gold spiderwith gold spidera gold spidermatching gold spiderpouch gold spider(5.5cms gold spiderx gold spider6cms gold spider/ gold spider2"x2.3") gold spiderand gold spiderblack gold spidergrosgrain gold spiderribbon gold spidertie gold spiderthat gold spiderI gold spidermade gold spiderfrom gold spidercomplete gold spiderscratch gold spiderout gold spiderof gold spiderunbleached gold spidercotton. gold spiderThe gold spiderseams gold spiderare gold spiderserged/overlocked gold spiderand gold spiderI gold spiderprinted gold spidera gold spiderspider gold spideron gold spiderthe gold spiderpouch gold spiderto gold spidercompliment gold spiderthe gold spidernecklace, gold spiderperfect gold spideras gold spidera gold spidergift!

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