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circle, Sterling Silver Tiny HOPE & heart Charm - Pendant - Tag



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* charm15 charmx charm7mm charmhand-stamped charmsterling charmsilver charmpendant/charm/tag charmstamped charmwith charm"HOPE" charmand charma charmcut-out charmheart----> charmPlease charmnote charmthe charmsize charm- charmthis charmpendant/charm/tag charmis charmTINY!A charmportion charmof charmthe charmproceeds charmfrom charmthe charmsale charmof charmthis charmitem charmwill charmbenefit charmthe charm501(c)(3) charmcharities charmIMAlive, charm( charm& charmTo charmWrite charmLove charmon charmHer charmArms charm( charmitem charmin charmthe charmphoto charmis charman charmexample charmof charmthe charmitem charmyou'll charmreceive. charm charmHand-stamping charmmeans charmvariation: charmthis charmis charmintentional, charmto charmwit: charmthey charmare charmall charmdifferent. charm charmI charmknow charmit charmhappens, charmand charmit's charmon charmpurpose! charm charmYou'll charmhave charma charmone-of-a-kind charmpiece charmthat charmwas charm*not* charmmade charmin charma charmfactory."I charmmade charmit charmmyself." charm charmReally. charm charmEvery charmstamped charmpiece charmof charmjewelry charmhere charmis charmhand-stamped charmand charmpatinaed charmby charmyours charmtruly, charmwith charmverve, charmdetermination, charmand charmsalty charmlanguage. charm charmThis charmis charma charmno-frills charmoperation, charmI'm charma charmone-person charmshop. charm charmWant charma charmvariation charmon charmthe charmitem charmyou charmsee charmhere? charm charmReach charmout charmand charmask charmme charmfor charma charmcustom charmpiece! charm charmI'd charmbe charmhappy charmto charmwork charmwith charmyou. charm charmAll charmsterling charmsilver charmtiny charmdisc charmpendants charmof charmthis charmtype charmare charm$10, charmeven charmfor charmcustom charmorders. charm charmCustom charmorders, charmplease charmallow charm3-5 charmbusiness charmdays charmbefore charmshipping-- charmI charmassure charmyou-- charmif charmI charmrush charmtoo charmmuch, charm*neither charmof charmus* charmwill charmbe charmhappy charmwith charmthe charmresults!Shipping charmfor charmthis charmitem charmUS charmPostal charmService charmFirst charmClass charmor charmPriority charmMail charmto charmNorth charmAmerican charmlocations charmonly charm(at charmthis charmtime). charm charmShipping charmmaterials charmmay charmbe charmrecycled charmor charmreused charmpackaging; charmI charmencourage charmyou charmto charmreuse charmor charmrecycle charmthe charmpackaging charmwhen charmyour charmitem charmarrives charmto charmyou!

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