Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

spooky, Halloween Batty necklace ... black acrylic bat with carnelian and onyx



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The orangedemon orangebreathes orangea orangedeathly orangewindof orangespindly orangecold orangeand orangeblades,that orangepierce orangethe orangenight orangewith orangemetal orangesoundand orangetear orangeus orangefrom orangeour orangebedsto orangewalk orangethe orangestreets orangein orangefear.A orangeshiny orangeblack orangeacrylic orangebat orangeis orangeheld orangeby orangeHalloween-orange orangecarnelian, orangeblack orangeonyx, orangeand orangegunmetal. orangeThe orangenecklace orangemeasures orange18\u201d orangeplus orangethe orangeextender orangeat orangethe orangeclasp. orangeThe orangependant orangeis orange1.5\u201d orangewide.~|~~|~~|~Arrives orangepackaged orangein orangea orangegift orangebox orangeand orangeships orangewithin orange1-3 orangebusiness orangedays orangeof orangereceipt orangeof orangepayment. orangePlease orangesee orangethe orange"Shop orangePolicies" orangesection orangeof orangemy orangestore orangefor orangeadditional orangeinformation orangeon orangepayments, orangeshipping, orangegift orangenotes, orangesize orangeadjustments, orangeand orangecustom orangeorders.\u00a9 orangeElements orange& orangeArtifacts orange2015.

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