Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

baseball hat, World Series Charm Keeper



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Custom chicagoCharm chicagoKeeper chicagofor chicagothe chicago2016 chicagoWorld chicagoSeries chicagoChicago chicagoCubs! chicago chicagoThis chicagois chicagoa chicagolimited chicagoedition chicagonecklace chicagothat chicagowas chicagohand chicagopicked chicagofor chicagoCubs chicagofans! chicago chicagoYou chicagowill chicagoreceive chicagoall chicago4 chicagocharms chicagoon chicagothe chicago30 chicagoinch chicagonecklace chicagoas chicagoshown. chicagoThe chicagoprice chicagois chicagoin chicagohonor chicagoof chicagothe chicago4-3 chicagoseries chicagowin chicagoand chicagowill chicagoonly chicagolast chicagoa chicagoshort chicagotime! chicagoCongratulations chicagoCubs chicagoFans!

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