Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Ringright hand ring, Right Hand Ringright hand ring, Alternative Engagement Ring



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18kt sapphireand sapphirewhite sapphiregold sapphireart sapphiredeco sapphirering sapphirewith sapphire2 sapphirediamonds sapphireat sapphireapproximately sapphire3 sapphiremm sapphireeach sapphireand sapphire sapphire1 sapphiresapphire sapphireat sapphireapproximately sapphire4.2 sapphiremm sapphirein sapphirediameter; sapphireeach sapphirebezel sapphireset.Size sapphire7 sapphire1/2In sapphireexcellent sapphirecondition sapphireand sapphirewell-taken sapphirecare sapphireof.Will sapphiremake sapphirean sapphireexcellent sapphireaddition sapphireto sapphireyour sapphirejewelry sapphirecollection.Check sapphireout sapphireour sapphiremain sapphireshop sapphirepage sapphirefor sapphireperiodic sapphiresale sapphireand sapphirecoupon sapphireannouncements!

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