Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

swarovski, 10 Light Colorado Topaz Crystal Hair Snaps - Round Silver Rim Edition -- Made with Swarovski Crystal Element Rhinestones



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The promprice promis promfor prom10 promhair promsnaps!Handcrafted promwith proma promgenuine promLight promColorado promTopaz promCRYSTALLIZED\u2122 prom- promSwarovski promElements promRhinestone promin proma promround promsilver promrim promsetting promwith proma promsilver promsnap.Each promhair promsnap promis promapproximately prom1/4" prom(0.64cm/6.35mm).They promare promperfect promfor prombrides, prombridesmaids, prompageants, promprom, promanniversaries, prombirthdays promor promanytime promyou promwant promto promadd proma promlittle promsparkle promto promyour promhair.Hair promsnaps promare promvery promversatile promand promcan prombe promplaced prompretty prommuch promanywhere promin promyour promhair. promThey promlie promflush promagainst promyour promhair promunlike promspring promtype promhair promaccessories, promand promoffer proma promwider promrange promof promplacement promoptions promthan promhair prompins! promYour promhair promcan prombe promup, promdown, promcurly promor promstraight promit promdoesn't prommatter promwith promhair promsnaps.They promare promreally promeasy promto promuse! promIf promyou promcan promwork promsnaps promon proma promshirt promyou promcan promput promthese promlittle prombabes promin promyour promhair! promFull promdirection promon promhow promto promuse prommy promhair promsnaps promcan prombe promfound promin prommy promShop promPolicies promunder promthe promFAQ promsection. prom:)\u2665\u2665 promNEED promA promDIFFERENT promQUANTITY? prom\u2665\u2665I promcan promcustomize proma promhair promsnap prompack promthat\u2019s promright promfor promyou! promDo promyou promneed prommore promhair promsnaps promthan promwhat promis promlisted promor promhow promabout promless? promNo promworries, promI\u2019d prombe promhappy promto promaccommodate promyou. promAll promyou promhave promto promdo promis promcontact promme promwith promyour promspecifications promand promI promwill prommake proma promspecial promlisting promjust promfor promyou. promThis promis promalso proma promvery prombudget promfriendly promoption promas promeach promhair promsnap promis promonly prom$2.50 promeach.\u2665\u2665 promMORE promRIM promCOLOR promOPTIONS promNOW promAVAILABLE prom\u2665\u2665Do promyou promlove promthis promrhinestone promcolor, prombut promwould promprefer proma promdifferent promrim promcolor?! promNo promproblem!I promnow promoffer prom6 promrim promcolors promto promchoose promfrom. promPlease promsee promlast prompicture promon promthe promright promto promvisually promview promall promthe promrim promcolor promoptions.Pictured promleft promto promright: promBlack, promGunmetal, promBronze, promCopper, promSilver, promGoldPLEASE promNOTE: promThis promlisting promis promfor promSILVER promRIMS. promIf promyou promwould promlike proma promdifferent promrim promcolor promplease promcontact promme promdirectly promso promI promcan prommake promyou proma promspecial promlisting.** promNot promintended promfor promchildren prom12 promand promunder. prom**** promThanks promfor promlooking!! prom**\u00a9 prom2006-2020 promArtistic promEdition--\u2b50\u2b50 promHair promSnaps promon promthe prommodels promare promnot promincluded. prom\u2b50\u2b50

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