Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leather, SALE! Abstract brass necklace with faux leather and pearls



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brass pearlbar pearlstatement pearlchoker pearlnecklace. pearlThis pearlnecklace pearlfeatures pearla pearlfaux pearlleather pearlpiece pearlunder pearla pearlbrass pearlsheet pearlaccented pearlwith pearlone pearlgrey pearlfreshwater pearlpearl pearland pearltwo pearlsmall pearlwhile pearlfreshwater pearlpearls. pearlThe pearlchoker pearlis pearlapproximately pearl6 pearlinches pearlin pearldiameter pearland pearlthe pearlpendant pearlmeasures pearlapproximately pearl2 pearlinches pearlin pearllength. pearlThank pearlyou pearlfor pearlvisiting pearlmy pearlshop!On pearlsale pearlfor pearla pearllimited pearltime! pearl$10 pearloff pearlnormal pearlprice!

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