Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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If moon faceyou moon facelove moon faceblue, moon faceyou'll moon faceenjoy moon facewearing moon facethis moon facesparkly moon facemoon moon faceface moon facependant moon face- moon facea moon facepretty moon faceaccessory moon facefor moon faceany moon facestyle, moon faceany moon faceseason. moon faceThe moon facemoon moon faceis moon facesleeping, moon facedreaming moon facesweet moon facedreams moon facewith moon facea moon facepeaceful moon facesmile. moon faceHandmade moon faceof moon facemedium moon faceblue/teal moon facepolymer moon faceclay moon faceand moon facesealed moon facewith moon faceglossy moon faceacrylic moon facevarnish moon facewith moon facetiny moon facesparkles. moon faceHas moon facea moon facelarge moon faceaanraku moon facesilver-plated moon facebail moon faceat moon facetop moon faceto moon facehold moon facea moon facechain, moon facecord moon faceor moon faceribbon moon face(loop moon faceopening moon facemeasures moon face4.7 moon facex moon face7.5 moon facemm). moon faceOPTIONAL: moon faceadd moon facea moon facepretty moon faceshiny moon facesilver moon faceplated moon face18 moon faceinch moon faceOR moon face24 moon faceinch moon facevintage moon facestyle moon facechain, moon facewith moon faceoval moon faceloops moon faceapproximately moon face3mm moon facex moon face4mm moon faceand moon facea moon facelobster moon faceclasp moon faceclosure.NOTE: moon faceBecause moon faceof moon facevariations moon facein moon facecomputer moon facemonitors, moon faceexact moon faceshade moon faceof moon faceblue moon facemay moon facelook moon faceslightly moon facedifferent moon facein moon facereal moon facelife.\u2605 moon face\u2605 moon face\u2605 moon face\u2605 moon face\u2605 moon face\u2605 moon face\u2605 moon face\u2605 moon face\u2605Add moon facea moon facebit moon faceof moon facewhimsy moon faceto moon faceyour moon facelife!artsyclay.\u2605 moon face\u2605 moon face\u2605 moon face\u2605 moon face\u2605 moon face\u2605 moon face\u2605 moon face\u2605 moon face\u2605\u00a9 moon faceArtsy moon faceClay moon face2020\u2665 moon facehandmade moon facewith moon facelove moon faceand moon facecareby moon faceJudy moon face\u2665

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