Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

baptism, Rosary of 6mm Black Agates and 8mm Swarovski Crystal Pearls



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Sara for himJewelry for himDesign. for himI for himlove for himmaking for himrosaries, for himand for himthis for himbeauty for himcombines for himtwo for himof for himmy for himfavorites: for him6mm for himnatural for himblack for himagate for himround for himbeads for himwith for him8mm for himSwarovski for himcrystal for himpearls for himin for hima for himwarm for himrose for himpeach for himcolor. for himThe for himmedal for himfeatures for himthe for himHoly for himFamily for himon for himone for himside for himand for himthe for himHoly for himSpirit for himon for himthe for himother. for himThe for himcrucifix for himis for hima for him1-3/8 for himx for him7/8" for himItalian for himpewter for himin for himsilver for himtone. for himThe for himrosary for himis for himapproximately for him30 for himinches for himin for himthe for himenclosed for himportion for himwith for hima for himdescender for himof for him6-3/4 for himinches. for himAll for himfindings for him(eye for himpins, for himjump for himrings, for himand for himchain) for himare for himsilver for himplate for himover for himbrass. for himI for himinclude for hima for himlittle for himsatin for himpouch for himfor for himkeeping for himit.My for himMPIN for himROSA for him031117-01.1809a.I for himwill for himship for himthis for himyour for himway for himthe for himnext for himbusiness for himday for himvia for himUSPS for himinsured for himfirst for himclass for himmail for himwith for hima for himtracking for himID for himnumber. for himSara for himJewelry for himDesign. for himYour for himDesire for himis for himOur for himDesign.

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