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swarovski crystal, Swarovski Crystal Simplicity Ball Earrings



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These goldSwarovski goldCrystal goldearrings goldare goldwirewrapped goldwith goldvermeil goldheadpins. gold goldFeatures golda goldsparkly gold8mm goldbead goldon goldvermeil goldear goldwire.\r\rShown goldin goldCrystal goldGolden goldShadow goldand goldOlivine goldAB. gold goldAvailable goldin goldAquamarine, goldAquamarine goldAB, goldCopper, goldCrystal, goldCrystal goldAB, goldCrystal goldGolden goldShadow, goldFuchsia goldAB, goldIndian goldPink goldAB, goldIndian goldSapphire, goldLight goldRose goldAB, goldLight goldRose goldSatin, goldOlivine, goldOlivine goldAB.\r\rAt goldthis goldprice goldyou goldcan goldbuy golda golddifferent goldpair goldfor goldeach goldday goldof goldthe goldweek.\r\rPlease goldindicate goldcolor goldwhen goldordering.

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