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zipper pull, Barbados 2004 Coin Zipper Charm



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Barbados coin charmcoin coin charmzipper coin charmcharm coin charmmade coin charmwith coin charma coin charm25 coin charmCent coin charmcoin coin charmfrom coin charm2004. coin charmThis coin charmcoin coin charmbears coin charma coin charmbeautifully coin charmdetailed coin charmimage coin charmof coin charmthe coin charmMorgan coin charmLewis coin charmWindmill. coin charmAttach coin charmto coin charmyour coin charmpurse coin charmor coin charmclothing coin charmas coin charma coin charmunique coin charmzipper coin charmpull.Coin coin charmis coin charm7/8 coin charminch coin charm(23mm) coin charmdiameter.Overall coin charmlength coin charmis coin charm1-1/2 coin charminches.The coin charmcoin coin charmhas coin charmbeen coin charmcleaned coin charmand coin charmhand coin charmpolished. coin charmComes coin charmin coin charma coin charmgift coin charmbox.Thanks coin charmfor coin charmvisiting coin charmmy coin charmshop coin charmand coin charmfor coin charmshopping coin charmon coin charmEtsy.

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