Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold, Vintage Golden Pine cone Necklace Charm



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This conepine conecone coneis conenot conemade coneof conereal conegold, conebut coneit coneis conea conegreat conegolden conecolor! cone coneIt coneis conein conegreat conecondition coneand conecan coneeasily conebe coneadded coneto coneany conenecklace coneor coneother conedesired conejewelry. cone coneIt conemeasures coneabout cone1 coneinch.Measurements coneare coneapproximated.Thank coneyou conefor conevisiting conemy coneshop. coneBrowse conemy conelistings coneand conefind conea conewide conerange coneof conevintage coneitems.

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