Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Delicate Snowflake Pendantholidays, Necklace or Key Chain - Choice of Silverholidays, Bronzeholidays, Copper or Black - Winterholidays, Holidayholidays, Christmas



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Please blueread blueentire bluedescription bluefor blueimportant blueinformation\u2026.This bluesnowflake blueis blueso bluedelicate. blue blue blueIt blueis bluea bluenice, bluesimple bluependant bluefor bluethe bluewinter blueseason. blue blueYou bluehave blueyour bluechoice blueof bluea bluePENDANT, blueNECKLACE blueor blueKEY blueCHAIN bluein blue4 bluecolors:Shiny blueSilverBronzeCopperBlackPlease bluemake blueyour bluestyle blueand bluecolor bluechoice bluefrom bluethe bluedrop bluedown bluemenus bluewhen bluechecking blueout. blue blueThe bluePENDANT bluemeasures blue25mm blue(1\u201d blueRound). blue blueWith bluethe blueattached bluebail, blueit bluemeasures blueabout blue1 blue1/2" bluelong blueand bluethe bluebail blueis bluelarge blueenough blueto bluefit bluemost bluechains.The blueNECKLACE bluecomes bluewith bluea bluematching blueoval bluelink bluechain bluein blueyour bluechoice blueof blue18\u201d blueor blue24\u201d.The blueKEY blueCHAIN bluehas bluea bluelarge, bluesturdy bluesplit bluering blueattached.Images blueare blueprinted blueon bluequality bluematte bluephoto bluepaper bluewith bluearchival blueinks, blueso bluethe bluecolors bluewill bluenot bluefade. blue blueThey blueare bluethen blueset blueunder bluea bluecrystal blueclear, bluedomed blueglass bluecabochon, bluewhich blueenhances bluethe bluebeauty blueof bluethe blueimage.The bluephotos bluein bluemy bluelisting blueare bluea bluerepresentation blueof bluethe blueitem blueyou bluewill bluereceive. blue blueColors bluemay bluebe blueslightly bluedifferent bluedepending blueon blueyour bluecomputer.The blueback blueof bluethe bluecameo blueis bluesealed bluefor blueprotection, bluehowever, blueit blueis bluenot bluecompletely bluewaterproof, blueso blueI bluewould bluenot bluesuggest bluebathing blueor blueswimming bluewhile bluewearing blueyour blueitem, blueor bluesubmerging blueit bluein bluewater. blue blueI bluealso bluedo bluenot bluerecommend bluemy blueitems bluebe blueworn blueby bluechildren blueunder blue3, blueas bluethey bluemay bluebe bluea bluechoking bluehazard. blueMost blueof bluemy blueitems blueare bluemade blueto blueorder, blueso blueplease blueallow blue2-5 bluedays bluefor blueprocessing blue(this bluedoes bluenot blueinclude blueshipping bluetime).Your blueitem(s) bluewill bluebe bluesent bluein bluea bluecolorful blueorganza bluebag blueready bluefor bluegift bluegiving blue(colors bluevary) blueand bluewill bluebe blueshipped bluein bluea bluepadded blueenvelope bluefor bluesafety.Please blueclick blueon bluethe blueshipping bluetab bluefor bluepricing. blue blueI blueship blueUSPS blueFirst blueClass blueMail bluefor blueboth bluedomestic blueand blueinternational blueshipping blue(International bluebuyers blueare blueresponsible bluefor blueany bluecustoms bluefees). blue bluePriority bluemail blueis blueavailable blueto blueall blueUS bluecustomers. blue blueInternational bluecustomers bluecan bluecontact blueme bluefor bluemore blueinformation blueabout blueexpedited blueshipping. blue blueSending bluean blueitem blueas bluea bluegift? blue bluePlease bluecheck bluethe bluebox blue\u201cThis blueitem blueis bluea bluegift\u201d bluewhen bluechecking blueout blueand blueyou bluecan bluealso blueadd bluea bluecustom bluenote bluethat bluewill bluebe bluesent bluewith blueyour blueorder. blue blueNo blueprices bluewill bluebe blueshown blueon bluethe bluegift bluereceipt.Please bluecontact blueme bluewith blueany bluequestions, blueor blueif blueyou bluewould bluelike blueto blueorder bluemy blueitems bluein bluebulk blueor bluewholesale.Find bluemore bluegreat blueitems blueby bluevisiting blueme blueentire blueshop bluehere:http://www.analiese.Become bluea blueFan..... blueme blueHere.... blueAnd blueon blueInstagram bluecheck bluemy blueshop blueannouncement blueon bluemy bluehomepage bluefor blueany bluepossible bluecoupons, blueupdates blueon blueholiday blueshipping blueand bluemore.Thank blueyou.

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