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hammered brass, Cobalt Blue Earrings - Hammered Brass - Matte Glass and Swarovski Crystals- Leverback Earrings



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Matte dangly earringsglass dangly earringsteardrops dangly earringsand dangly earringsCobalt dangly earringsBlue dangly earringsSwarovski dangly earringscrystals dangly earringshang dangly earringsfrom dangly earringshammered dangly earringsbrass dangly earringsdiscs. dangly earrings dangly earringsThe dangly earringsmetal dangly earringsis dangly earringsantiqued dangly earringsbrass. dangly earrings dangly earringsNickel dangly earringsfree dangly earringsantiqued dangly earringsbrass dangly earringsleverbacks. dangly earringsThese dangly earringsmeasure dangly earrings2 dangly earringsinches dangly earringslong.

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