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moss necklace, Geometric Terrarium Eco Resin Necklace



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Natural moss necklaceand moss necklacehand-gathered moss necklacebright moss necklacegreen moss necklacemosses moss necklaceand moss necklacelichens moss necklacesuspended moss necklacein moss necklacehand moss necklacecast moss necklacecrystal moss necklaceclear moss necklaceeco moss necklaceresin. moss necklaceThe moss necklacependant moss necklaceis moss necklacea moss necklacegeometric moss necklacefaceted moss necklaceorganic moss necklaceshape.Showcase moss necklaceyour moss necklacelove moss necklaceand moss necklacefascination moss necklacewith moss necklacethe moss necklacenatural moss necklaceworld moss necklacewith moss necklacea moss necklacestunning moss necklaceand moss necklaceoriginal moss necklaceresin moss necklacemoss moss necklacejewelry moss necklacecenter moss necklacepiece. moss necklaceMakes moss necklacea moss necklacegreat moss necklacegift moss necklacefor moss necklacegardeners, moss necklacebryology moss necklacefanatics, moss necklacenature moss necklacejewelry, moss necklaceand moss necklacescience moss necklacejewelry moss necklacecollectors.The moss necklacechain moss necklaceis moss necklacea moss necklacefine-link moss necklaceantiqued moss necklacecooper moss necklacewith moss necklaceantiqued moss necklacebrass moss necklacelobster moss necklaceclasp, moss necklace16 moss necklaceinches moss necklacearound.The moss necklacependant moss necklaceis moss necklaceabout moss necklace3 moss necklacecm moss necklacehigh moss necklaceby moss necklace1.5 moss necklacecm moss necklacewide. moss necklaceIt moss necklaceis moss necklaceone moss necklaceof moss necklacemy moss necklacesmaller moss necklacesized moss necklacependants. moss necklaceTruly moss necklaceone-of-kind moss necklaceoriginal moss necklacepiece moss necklaceof moss necklacejewelry, moss necklacethe moss necklaceprocess moss necklaceis moss necklaceentirely moss necklacemade moss necklaceby moss necklacehand moss necklaceincluding moss necklacethe moss necklacemolds.***Please moss necklaceNote: moss necklaceYou moss necklacewill moss necklacereceive moss necklacea moss necklacenecklace moss necklacesimilar moss necklaceto moss necklacethis moss necklaceimage moss necklaceand moss necklacein moss necklacethe moss necklacesame moss necklacestyle, moss necklacebut moss necklacenot moss necklaceexactly moss necklacelike moss necklacethe moss necklacepiece moss necklacepictured!

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