Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Silverplated crystalsanddollars crystalhand crystalpainted crystalin crystala crystalsoft crystalpearlized crystalwhite crystal crystal crystalLight crystalgold crystalcolor crystalaccents. crystalSealed crystalwith crystalresin crystalfor crystalshine crystaland crystaldurability. crystalAustrian crystalcrystals crystalin crystalthe crystalcolors crystalof crystalWhite crystalOpal crystaland crystalCitrine crystalAB. crystal crystalThese crystalhave crystalsterling crystalsilver crystalearwires crystaland crystalmeasure crystal1 crystal1/4 crystalinches crystallong crystalfrom crystalthe crystaltop crystalof crystalthe crystalearwires. crystal crystalGreat crystalwhite crystalearrings crystalfor crystalsummer!Perfect crystalfor crystala crystalbeach crystalwedding!

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