Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Dainty short necklacelittle short necklacesterling short necklacesilver short necklacebar short necklacenecklaces short necklaceare short necklaceso short necklacepretty short necklaceworn short necklacealone short necklaceor short necklacelayered...see short necklacesecond short necklacepic short necklacefor short necklacestone short necklacenames short necklaceand short necklacemake short necklaceyour short necklacechoice short necklacegemstone short necklaceand short necklacelength short necklacechoice short necklacein short necklacethe short necklacedrop short necklacedown short necklacemenu! short necklace~Model short necklaceis short necklacewearing short necklaceturquoise, short necklace16\u201d short necklacelong~*if short necklaceyou short necklacewould short necklacelike short necklacea short necklacelength short necklacenot short necklacelisted, short necklaceplease short necklaceindicate short necklaceyour short necklacerequired short necklacelength short necklacein short necklacethe short necklace\u201cnotes short necklaceto short necklaceseller\u201d short necklacearea. short necklaceAn short necklaceadditional short necklacecharge short necklacemay short necklaceapply*

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