Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

feather gypsy, Feather in Resin and Silver Leaf Necklace



In stock



Delicate animal jewelryfeather animal jewelrysuspended animal jewelryin animal jewelryhand animal jewelrycast animal jewelrycrystal animal jewelryclear animal jewelryeco animal jewelryresin animal jewelry(made animal jewelrywith animal jewelrygreen animal jewelrychemistry) animal jewelrywith animal jewelryfloating animal jewelrymetallic animal jewelryleaf animal jewelryaccents. animal jewelryThe animal jewelrypendant animal jewelryis animal jewelrya animal jewelrygeometric animal jewelryshape.The animal jewelrychain animal jewelryis animal jewelrya animal jewelryfine-link animal jewelryantiqued animal jewelrycooper animal jewelrywith animal jewelryantiqued animal jewelrybrass animal jewelrylobster animal jewelryclasp, animal jewelry18 animal jewelryinches animal jewelryaround.Truly animal jewelryone-of-kind animal jewelryoriginal animal jewelrypiece animal jewelryof animal jewelryjewelry, animal jewelrythe animal jewelryprocess animal jewelryis animal jewelryentirely animal jewelrymade animal jewelryby animal jewelryhand animal jewelryincluding animal jewelrythe animal jewelrymolds.

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