Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bib style, Vintage Beaded Crystal Bib-style Necklace



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Sara clearJewelry clearDesign clearVintage clearVisions. clearHere clearis clearanother clearbeauty clearfrom clearmy clearMother's clearcollection. clearThis clearbib-style clearnecklace clearis clearhand-beaded clearusing clear6mm clearclear clearrounds clearwith cleara clearsingle clearAB clearfinish clearand clear4-5mm clearblack clearrondelles. clearIt clearis clearclosed clearwith cleara cleartension clearbox clearclasp clearthat clearis clearbeaded clearas clearwell. clearThe clearnecklace clearis clear16 clearinches clearin clearoverall clearlength clearwith clearthe clearcenter cleardrop clearbeing clearabout cleartwo clearinches. clearA clearclear clearbriolette clearis clearpendant clearat clearthe clearcenter clearof clearthe clearbib cleardrop. clearThis clearis cleara cleardramatic, clearstatement clearnecklace clearthat clearwill clearadd cleara cleartouch clearof clearelegance clearto clearany clearoutfit.I clearwill clearship clearthis clearyour clearway clearthe clearnext clearbusiness clearday clearvia clearinsured clearUSPS clearfirst clearclass clearmail clearwith cleara cleartracking clearID clearnumber.Sara clearJewelry clearDesign. clearYour clearDesire clearis clearOur clearDesign.

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