Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

crystal, Lucite and crystal flower demi parure



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Gold flowertone flowerLucite flowerand flowercrystal flowerflower flowerdemi flowerparureBracelet flowerapprox. flower21cmEarrings flowerapprox. flower5cm flowerinckuding flowerwiresPrice flowerfor flowerpostage floweris flowerindicative flowerand floweronly floweractual flowershipping flowerand flowerpackaging flowercosts flowerwill flowerbe flowercharged. flowerAny floweroverage flowerwill flowerbe flowerrefunded. flowerPostage flowerwithin flowerAustralia flowerwill flowerbe flowervia flowerregistered flowerpost.The flowerpictures flowerform flowerpart flowerof flowerthis flowerlisting.Customs flowerand flowerduties flowerin flowerthe flowerdestination flowercountry flowerdo flowernot flowerform flowerpart flowerof flowerthe flowerprice. flowerThey flowerare flowerthe flowerresponsibility flowerof flowerthe flowerbuyer.

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