Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

modern, Vintage Statement Pendant in Sterling Silver with 28-inch Sterling Chain



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Sara unisexJewelry unisexDesign unisexVintage unisexVisions. unisexOffered unisexhere unisexis unisexa unisexdramatic unisexstatement unisexpendant, unisexhandmade unisexin unisexsterling unisexsilver. unisexI unisexwould unisexdescribe unisexit unisexas unisexa unisexgeometric unisexdesign. unisexIt unisexfeatures unisextwo, unisexopen unisexrectangles unisexof unisexsilver unisexthat unisexhave unisexbeen unisexcurved unisexand unisexsoldered unisexto unisexeach unisexother unisexin unisexopposing unisexdirections. unisexAtop unisexis unisexa unisexshort unisexshank unisexand unisexa unisexfixed, unisex10mm unisexround unisexbail unisexthat unisexis unisexlarge unisexenough unisexto unisexaccommodate unisexup unisexto unisex8mm unisexcordage. unisexInside unisexthe unisexbail unisexis unisexthe unisexmark unisex"Israel." unisexThe unisexpendant unisexheight unisexis unisexapproximately unisex1-3/4 unisexinches unisexand unisexits unisexwidth unisexis unisex1-1/8 unisexinches. unisexIt unisexis unisexabout unisex5/8 unisexto unisex3/4 unisexof unisexan unisexinch unisexin unisexoverall unisexdepth. unisexIt unisexweighs unisex14.2 unisexgrams.Accompanying unisexthe unisexfocal unisexpendant unisexis unisexa unisexchain unisexnecklace unisexthat unisexis unisexto unisexdie unisexfor! unisexIt unisexis unisexItalian, unisexand unisexfeatures unisexelongated, unisexflattened unisexcurb unisexlinks. unisexThe unisexchain unisexalone unisexweighs unisex8.634 unisexgramsIt unisexhas unisexa unisexspring unisexring unisexclasp unisexand unisexits unisexchain unisextab unisexbears unisexthe unisexmarks unisexof unisex"Italy" unisexand unisex"925" unisexin unisexan unisexoval. unisexAt unisex28 unisexinches unisexoverall unisexlength, unisexthis unisexis unisexan unisexeasy unisexon/off, unisexover-the-head unisexchain unisexthat unisexmay unisexwell unisexbecome unisexyour unisexmost unisexfavorite unisexto unisexuse.I unisexwill unisexship unisexthese unisexyour unisexway unisexthe unisexnext unisexbusiness unisexday unisexvia unisexinsured unisexUSPS unisexfirst unisexclass unisexmail unisexwith unisexa unisextracking unisexID unisexnumber. unisexSara unisexJewelry unisexDesign. unisexYour unisexDesire unisexis unisexOur unisexDesign.

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