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cat, Vintage Early 90s Sculpted Arched Cat Brooch



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This catis cata catone catof cata catkind catsample catfrom catthe catshowroom catthat catrepresented catmy catwork. catMade catin catthe catlate cat80s, catthe catbrooch catwas catcast catfrom cata catmodel catI catsculpted.My catjewelry catwas catsold catin catbetter catstores catlike catBarneys catNY catand catSaks, catI catdesigned catbuttons catfor catSteve catFabrikant catand catothers. catThe catretail catprice catwas cat$30 catPewter catbased catmetal catwith cat22K catgold catplate. catBrooch catis cat1 cat1/2 catinches catwide, cat3 catinches cathighMade catright cathere catin catNYCReduce, catReuse, catRecycle: catBuy catVintage!Please catfollow catVintage catArcana catand catSunny catChapman catArt caton catFacebook, catInstagram catand catPinterestReturns:All catsales catare catfinal catunless catthe catitem catis catsignificantly catmisrepresented. catWe catare catvery catcareful catin cattaking catmeasurements catand catdescribing catitems catbut catoccasionally catmiss catsomething. catPlease catcheck catmeasurements catcarefully, catwe catdon't catnot cataccept catreturns catif catthe catitem catdoesn't catfit.CONDITION catDESCRIPTIONHere catis cata catbrief catdefinition catof catthe catstandard catterms catthat catwe catuse catto catdescribe catcondition: catMint: catNever catworn cator catused, catlike catnew, catno catflaws.Excellent: catHas catbeen catworn, catbut catno catvisible catflaws.Very catGood: catOnly catthe catslightest catsigns catof catwear, catminor catflaws catdescribed catin catlistingGood: catVery catWearable, catwith catminor catflaws catand catshows catsome catwearFair: catWearable, catwith catsignificant catflaws, catalso catgood catfor catpatterns cator catdesign catinspiration

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