Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dried flower resin, Lavender and Silver Leaf Resin Bar Necklace



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This nature necklacelong nature necklacerectangular nature necklacependant nature necklacefeatures nature necklacereal nature necklacelavender nature necklaceflowers nature necklacesuspended nature necklacein nature necklacehand nature necklacecast nature necklacecrystal nature necklaceclear nature necklaceeco nature necklaceresin nature necklacewith nature necklacesilver nature necklaceleaf nature necklaceaccents.The nature necklacechain nature necklaceis nature necklacea nature necklacefine-link nature necklaceantiqued nature necklacecopper nature necklacewith nature necklaceantiqued nature necklacebrass nature necklacelobster nature necklaceclasp, nature necklace18 nature necklaceinches nature necklacearound.The nature necklacependant nature necklaceis nature necklace6 nature necklacecm nature necklacehigh nature necklaceby nature necklacecm nature necklacewide.Truly nature necklaceone-of-kind nature necklaceoriginal nature necklacepiece nature necklaceof nature necklacejewelry, nature necklacethe nature necklaceprocess nature necklaceis nature necklaceentirely nature necklacemade nature necklaceby nature necklacehand nature necklaceincluding nature necklacethe nature necklacemolds.Please nature necklacenote nature necklacethere nature necklacewill nature necklacebe nature necklacesome nature necklaceminor nature necklaceimperfections nature necklacein nature necklacethe nature necklacepieces nature necklaceas nature necklacethey nature necklaceare nature necklacemade nature necklaceby nature necklacehand nature necklaceand nature necklacenot nature necklaceby nature necklacea nature necklacemachine/computer/robot nature necklace:)

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