Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

charm, Secrets Word Charm Pendant Sterling Necklace



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My charmoriginal charmhand charmcarved charmand charmcast charmSECRETS charmcharm charmwas charmoxidized charmto charmhighlight charmthe charmstamped charmword charmand charmthen charmbrushed charmfor charma charmsoft charmfinish. charmAs charmwith charmall charmof charmmy charmcharms, charmsigned charmby charmme charmon charmthe charmback.I've charmpaired charmit charmhere charmwith charma charmfaceted charmplump charmlemon charmjade charmrondelle, charmand charmwired charmthe charmpair charmwith charmsterling charmsilver charmto charman charm18" charmsterling charmball charmchain. charmThe charmcharm charmand charmstone charmpendant charmadd charm1.50".To charmsee charmmore charmof charmmy charmoriginal charmcharm charmnecklaces:http://www./shop/randitan?section_id=5218904

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