Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mermaid, Moss Green Beaded Necklace



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A simple jewelrylong simple jewelryhanging simple jewelrynecklace simple jewelrywith simple jewelrysmall simple jewelrymulticolor simple jewelrygreen simple jewelrybeads simple jewelryand simple jewelry12 simple jewelryemerald-colored simple jewelrynatural simple jewelrygemstones.This simple jewelrypiece simple jewelrybrings simple jewelryan simple jewelryair simple jewelryof simple jewelryplayfulness simple jewelryand simple jewelrygrace simple jewelryin simple jewelrythe simple jewelrysame simple jewelrybreath. simple jewelryWould simple jewelrylook simple jewelryamazing simple jewelryon simple jewelrya simple jewelrysolid-color simple jewelrytop simple jewelryor simple jewelrywith simple jewelrya simple jewelrylayered simple jewelrybut simple jewelrybreezy simple jewelryoutfit.Length: simple jewelry27 simple jewelryinches. simple jewelryNo simple jewelryclasp.

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