Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

victorian angel, Gothic Angel Cameo Pendant Necklace



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Black black pendantand black pendantWhite black pendantAngel black pendantStatue black pendantPhotograph black pendantset black pendantin black pendanta black pendantBlack black pendantMetal black pendantCameo black pendantTray black pendantWith black pendantA black pendantGlass black pendantCabochon black pendantOver black pendantthe black pendantImage.Necklace black pendantis black pendanthandmade black pendantwith black pendanta black pendantcemetery black pendantart black pendantphotograph black pendanttaken black pendantby black pendantJan black pendantCasper black pendant(me)Pendant black pendantis black pendantapprox. black pendant22mm black pendantx black pendant30mmchain black pendantis black pendant24"

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