Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1960's Vintage TRIFARI Broochbrushed gold, Your Choice of ONEbrushed gold, BRUSHED Goldtone Designbrushed gold, 60s Trifari and Monet Designer Jewelry



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This trifari broochlot trifari broochfeatures trifari broochyour trifari broochchoice trifari broochof trifari broochone trifari broochbrooch trifari broochfor trifari brooch$17-$20 trifari broochor trifari broochall trifari brooch5 trifari broochfor trifari brooch$70! trifari broochThat\u2019s trifari broocha trifari broochdiscount trifari broochof trifari brooch$15. trifari broochThere trifari broochare trifari broochfive trifari broochshown, trifari brooch3 trifari broochare trifari broochTrifari, trifari brooch1 trifari broochis trifari broochMonet trifari broochand trifari broochone trifari broochunsigned, trifari broochthey trifari broochare trifari broochsigned trifari broochon trifari broochthe trifari broochback trifari broochto trifari broochindicate trifari broochdesigner. trifari broochThe trifari broochlargest trifari broochbrooch trifari broochis trifari broochthe trifari broochone trifari broochwith trifari broochthe trifari broochpearl trifari broochin trifari broochthe trifari broochcenter trifari broochand trifari broochit trifari broochmeasures trifari brooch2 trifari brooch1/4 trifari broochinches trifari broochin trifari broochdiameter.All trifari broochclasps trifari broochare trifari broochtight trifari broochand trifari broochsecure trifari broochand trifari broochthe trifari broochcondition trifari broochis trifari broochgood trifari broochexcept trifari broochthere trifari broochis trifari broochwear trifari broochon trifari broochthe trifari broochpearl.

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