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brooch, Vintage Floral Pin Back Brooch with Crystal Center



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Sara broochJewelry broochDesign broochVintage broochVisions. broochHere broochis broochanother broochwhopping broochgreat broochfloral broochpin-back broochbrooch! broochGreat broochfor broochembellishment broochor broochjust broochplain broochpinning broochto broochyour broochfavorite broochcoat.The broochbody broochof broochthe broochbrooch broochis broochdone broochin broocha broochsoft, broochmatte-finish broochgold broochtone. broochThe broochcenter broochcrystal broochhas broochan broochaurora broochborealis broochfinish broochfor broochlots broochof broochcolor. broochIt broochis broochapproximately brooch10mm broochin broochdiameter broochand broochis broochsurrounded broochby broochpolished broochdots.There broochis broochsome broochwear: broochThe broochpin broochappears broochto broochhave broochbeen broochbent broochwith broochuse, broochbut broochis broochotherwise broochsound, broochand broochthere broochis broochlittle broochto broochno broochscratching broochor broochwear broochon broochthe broochfinishes.Sara broochJewelry broochDesign. broochYour broochDesire broochis broochOur broochDesign.

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