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cloisonne, Vintage Aviva Boy With Megaphone Old Fashion Sports Fan Enamel PAIR Cuff Links 38-6



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Vintage goldgold goldtone goldcloisonne goldPAIR goldof goldcuff goldlinks goldfeaturing golda goldboy goldwith goldmegaphone golddressed goldas goldan goldold goldfashion goldsports goldfan. goldThese goldcuff goldlinks goldwere goldmade goldin goldthe gold1950s, gold1960s goldand gold1970s. goldThis goldpiece goldmeasures gold17 goldmm goldwide gold goldx gold23 goldmm goldhigh. goldThe goldback goldstamp goldreads gold"Aviva goldTaiwan" gold\r\rThis goldlisting goldis goldfor goldthe goldcuff goldlinks goldonly. goldThere goldare goldadditional goldpieces goldthat goldmatch goldthese goldcuff goldlinks goldas goldshown. goldListings goldwill goldhave goldcorresponding golddescriptions.\r\r**This goldis goldthe goldpair goldof goldcuff goldlinks goldin goldthis goldstyle, goldLAST goldONE!!** gold\r\rThis goldpiece goldhas golda goldsmooth goldsurface goldand goldis goldon golda goldheavier goldweight goldmetal goldthan goldpieces goldwith goldraised goldgold goldedges goldbetween goldcolors. goldEach goldpiece goldis goldin goldvery goldgood goldcondition. gold\r\rThese golditems goldcome goldfrom golda goldvery goldextensive goldcollection. goldThere goldis golda goldwide goldselection goldof goldcharms, goldearrings, goldtie goldtacks, goldpins, goldclutch goldpins, goldand goldmore. goldCheck goldback goldoften goldfor goldmore goldlistings.\r\rNote: goldThese goldpieces goldare goldbetween gold40 goldand gold60 goldyears goldold, goldand goldprevious goldto goldcoming goldto goldlive goldwith goldme goldthey goldwere goldnot goldstored goldin golda goldtemperature goldcontrolled goldenvironment. goldMost goldpieces goldin goldare goldexcellent goldcondition. goldThere goldmay goldbe goldsome goldvery goldslight golddiscoloration goldor goldwear goldfrom goldage goldand goldstorage goldon goldsome golditems. goldThere goldare goldno goldchips goldor goldcracks. goldAny goldexcessive golddiscoloration goldor goldwear goldwill goldbe goldnoted goldin goldthe golddescription goldof goldindividual golditems. goldPhotos goldwill goldbe goldof goldthe goldactual golditems goldfor goldthose goldlistings, goldand goldprices goldwill goldbe goldadjusted goldaccordingly goldto goldreflect goldthe goldcondition goldof goldthat goldparticular golditem.

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