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emerald, Emerald and Swarovski Dangle Earrings in Sterling Silver



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These emerald earringsare emerald earringsgenuine emerald earringsemerald emerald earringsbriolette emerald earringsearrings emerald earringswith emerald earringsSwarovski emerald earringscrystal emerald earringsaccents. emerald earringsThey emerald earringshave emerald earringsALL emerald earringssterling emerald earringssilver emerald earringsfindings- emerald earringswire, emerald earringsearwires.These emerald earringsmeasure emerald earrings1 emerald earrings1/2" emerald earringsfrom emerald earringsthe emerald earringstop emerald earringsof emerald earringsthe emerald earringsearwire emerald earringsto emerald earringsthe emerald earringsbottom emerald earringsof emerald earringsthe emerald earringsdrop.Additional emerald earringsInformation:It's emerald earringsready emerald earringsfor emerald earringsgift emerald earringsgiving emerald earringsin emerald earringsa emerald earringsbox emerald earringsnestled emerald earringsinside emerald earringsan emerald earringsorganza emerald earringspouch.Each emerald earringspiece emerald earringswas emerald earringsindividually emerald earringsmade emerald earringswith emerald earringslove emerald earringsin emerald earringsmy emerald earringsstudio emerald earringsin emerald earringsWisconsin. emerald earringsAs emerald earringswith emerald earringsall emerald earringsgemstones, emerald earringsthere emerald earringsis emerald earringssome emerald earringsvariation emerald earringsin emerald earringsthe emerald earringsstones, emerald earringsthis emerald earringsis emerald earringsnormal emerald earringsand emerald earringsnot emerald earringsa emerald earringsdefect.All emerald earringsprops, emerald earringsincluding emerald earringsthe emerald earringscrystals emerald earringsin emerald earringsthe emerald earringsphotos, emerald earringsare emerald earringsnot emerald earringsincluded. emerald earrings:)All emerald earringsitems emerald earringsusually emerald earringsship emerald earringswithin emerald earringsa emerald earringsweek. emerald earringsIf emerald earringsyou emerald earringsneed emerald earringsit emerald earringsquickly, emerald earringsplease emerald earringspurchase emerald earringsthe emerald earringsUSPS emerald earringspriority emerald earringsshipping emerald earringsupgrade, emerald earrings(USA emerald earringsonly). emerald earringsThank emerald earringsyou!

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